starting at just $550

Always Included:
TWO hour Rental
TWO 4×6 Prints Per Session
Awesome Attendant
Custom Template Design
Premium Backdrop
Digital Sharing via Text or Email
iPad integration with GIFs! (with strong wifi connection)

 Please inquire for a formal quote!

*special rates when partnering with
GoHard Photography – National creative director and event photographer


Q: How much space do you need?
A. For the best results, we ask for 10x10x10 feet. The actual unit typically sits 6-7 feet from the backdrop, but we still need room for a prop/printer table. 6ft and 4 ft table available upon request, or we ask that the venue supply us with one.

Also, we love being set up next to the dessert table. Just saying.

Q: What’s the deal with prints? 
A. Your Mix Blend Booth rental INCLUDES two prints per session. If you want a copy of each print for yourself, or want to offer a print to every guest in the photo (for large groups), add “unlimited prints” to your order. Unlimited prints pricing is for up to four hours. For events more than four hours, unlimited pricing will vary.

Q: What kind of power do you need?
A. Mix Blend Booth requires a dedicated (nothing else plugged into the same outlet) 15 or 20 amp 120v (USA Standard) THREE PRONG outlet for power.

Q: Can you do the Black and White booth like what’s-her-name on TV?
A. YUP. But keep in mind the camera will only shoot in black and white, so color copies are not an option. We LOVE this style and think you will, too!

Q: Is Mix Blend Booth insured? 
A: You betcha. We carry up to $1M in liability insurance. Should your venue require a Certificate of Insurance, we need just a few days to get that emailed or faxed to them. 

Q: How long do you need for set-up/break-down? 
A. Set-up and testing takes about 45 minutes. This time is not billed to you. However, if there’s more than 30 minutes between set-up and picture-takin’ time, you will be billed $50/hour of idle time. Mix Blend Booth can be broken down and out the door in about 30 minutes. 

Q: Can Mix Blend Booth be set up outside? 
A. Due to inconsistent lighting, electrical power, and South Florida’s sucky weather patterns, Mix Blend Booth is an INDOOR-ONLY booth. (some exclusions apply for certain venues we’ve worked at) 

Q: Can children use the booth? 
A. Absolutely! Kids are the best at photoboothery! Shorter children must be held by an adult. Mix Blend Booth does not provide a step stool or chair. For children’s parties, the Mix Blend Booth can be set up at a shorter height. 

Q. I’m not feeling any of your props/backdrops. May I make a suggestion? 
A. If we think your suggestion can be used in future events, we’d love to find props or a backdrop perfect for yours! Just ask! 

Q. Do you offer those DIY albums where guests can leave their photo? 
A. Not currently, but if you spring for unlimited prints, we’ll save a copy of every print for you!