District 5 – Payne – Phalen Community Event Support and Sponsorship request

Hi. My name is Nicole Hill.  I am the Owner of Mix Blend Entertainment, LLC.  Our organization’s primary focus is to provide safe educational programs and events for youth (15 – 18 years old) in the St. Paul District 5 – Payne – Phalen community.  We also rent party equipment to support our programs. 

The Social challenge we are trying to solve:

Everyone understands the risks associated with underage drinking at teenage parties. We believe by providing safe alcohol-free events for teens, our youth can learn, make new friends, grow their social skills and improve their confidence.  All without the use of drugs, alcohol and preventing a potential tragedy.  With the recent increase in crime in St. Paul, we believe our programs and events provide safe alternatives for our local youth from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Your support is requested for our next event:

Our organization plans to host numerous events within the next 12 months.  Our next event is a New Year’s Eve party for local youth in the Payne-Phalen community (15 – 18 year old).  The event will be held at the St. Paul Eastside YMCA (875 Arcade ST, St. Paul, MN).   The YMCA has graciously donated their facilities for the event.  In turn, our organization will donate half of the proceeds to the YMCA to support their programs for local youth.  We are seeking other sponsors and partners in the community to help support the event cost so local youth can attend at no charge.  Should you have an interest in supporting our event, please contact me in one of the ways listed below:


Nicole Hill

Owner and Founder

Mix Blend Entertainment, LLC.

Phone: 612-220-3694 e-mail:  nhill@mixblendentertainment.com

Additional Information:

My Background:

I’m a native of Minnesota and graduated from Roosevelt High School.  I am an Augsburg College Auggie Alumni.  I’ve received my undergrad in Management Information System, along with my MBA, and in the process of working on my Master’s of Arts in Leadership.  I resided and owned a small hair salon in Brooklyn Center, MN, with my daughter.  I also work for a leasing management company on the east side of St. Paul, where 70% of its properties reside.  I’m the sole owner of Mix Blend Entertainment. LLC., a company that primary focus is on youth events and party equipment rental.

Our Thoughts about the value the St. Paul Eastside YMCA brngs to the Community 

One of our key partners for our programs is the St. Paul Eastside YMCA (875 Arcade ST, St. Paul, MN).

The YMCA continues to be a community centered institution for nearly 175 years; listening, responding, challenging and strengthen our community through addressing pressures of social isolation, public health issues and academic achievement gap.  By providing regardless of age, income or background the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.  The YMCA is the pillar of effective lasting and meaningful change. 

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